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S4KI supported the Wallaby Study Center with coaching, teaching, buying and developing school materials from 2011 till the end of 2015. We supported the WSC since our start. The school is based in a widows home in Varanasi. Focus is on education for minority groups; girls, poorest (caste less/low caste) and disabled children. It's a primary and secondary school and children get a worldwide accredited certificate after finishing class 12. All subjects are taught in the WSC. The curriculum is English and based on India. We teach 80 students at this moment. We focus on project education and on improving independence of our students. Parents pay €0,75 per child per month while we need €20,- for every child. This is covered by finding supporters and besides that S4KI use to cover part of the amount. Sponsors are really needed to be able to keep high level of education at WSC. Every day the children get breakfast (bread and milk) and fruit. School timing is 8:30 till 13:00 and in the afternoon between 14:00 and 16:00 children of UKG and higher get homework guidance and extra lessons for the most difficult subjects, English grammar e.g..



LOKA we support with laptops, coaching and PR. The project is located in Obra (Bihar), near Varanasi. LOKA focuses on organic agriculture and it's a community project. It is focused on young and old. Parents work in the fields and in the sewing workshop, while children go to tuition/homework guidance in the afternoon. In March 2015, LOKA started a full-time English medium school, because there was a need for more than homework guidance. 75 children are divided into 3 groups: LKG , UKG (group 1 and 2) and class 1 (group 3). First a good English base is formed, but also basic skills in other subjects are taught. Children are selected for a group/class based on level rather than on age (as well as in the WSc) . LOKA is child-centered; so obvious in Holland, but very special in India. Their education is aimed to achieve the highest results for every individual child. Apart from focusing on the individual child LOKA is also very special for us at S4KI because of their focus and emphasis on art, nature and sport. Charlotte and Sanat, project managers, teach together with classroom assistants (observe and learn) and teachers. Finding a teacher is hard because they don't want a teacher focused on memorization, but a teacher who can think out of the box and has special attention for every individual child. Highest classes are working more and more independently because of online lessons of Khan Academy. With less teachers students get good individual schooling.



We support Duniya since 2017 with laptops. In the 20 years since the start, Duniya is grown into a stable organization wherein the daily leadership is in hands of capable and committed Indian employees. Under the flag of Duniya Education, a total of around 150 children are taught daily and also receive midday meals during lunch time. The first generation pupils have moved on to secondary school, the costs of which are borne by Duniya. Also, similar to GLC, there is a sewing shop exclusively run by local women where handmade articles are made. The women who work there are guaranteed of a regular income.


S4KI supports Ganga Learning Center financially. The GLC provides education for young and old. The pre-school provides free education for the poorest children in the area. In 2017, a total of 117 children go to school in GLC. The children are taught English , Hindi, mathematics, computer sciences, physics and crafts.
GLC has a special focus on music education and in free after-school music classes recently 50 children are taught table, sitar, harmonium, dancing bells and flute. These classes are combined with vocal and dancing lessons. Besides Indian youth also international guests can join. Everyone is invited to attend.
After 2 years of pre-school schoolchildren of GLC go to a good school nearby. In the afternoon they come back to GLC for English and computer classes through Skype. Skype grannies in England are ready to instruct their own group of students.
The children also receive breakfast and lunch at the GLC.
Besides children the project also educates mothers in their sewing workshop. In this workshop currently (2017) 25 mothers of schoolchildren are trained as a seamstress. They also work to provide for family income and to save for further school fees of their child(ren). Besides learning needlework the ladies are also challenged to, if they want , learn English and computer skills. This challenge is given for better future opportunities and to be able to support their child(ren) with their homework.


Naveen School is a school in Varanasi for the poorest. The school is part of a widow project. It's a Hindi medium school which provides education for 180 children. We're supporting Naveen School since January 2016 with finance, coaching and PR. At Naveen classes are small and children get lots of individual attention. They use educational games/material, arts and creative teaching skills to make children understand instead of focus of memorising. On Saturdays teachers often attend coaching meetings for better teaching skills. Fees are very low because of the focus on poorest children of the area. Extra funds are needed to run the school. S4KI provides part of that money. To help Naveen School in becoming self supportive we're searching for school sponsors. Sponsor money will be used for school material, salaries and overall costs for building, festivals, electra, water and all. Naveen School is managed by an Indian and a German lady. The German principal used to be in charge of the fund raising until she was diagnosed with severe cancer. Due to treatments she hasn't been able to raise funds since and the school is in big financial problems. Good teachers are leaving and quality education of 180 students is at stake. Together Naveen School and S4KI work hard to find more structural income for the school.