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School 4 Kids India is leading it's projects/schools to self-supportiveness. We believe it's very important that our projects/schools don't rely on us for too long. We support them for max. 5 years.

The first 3 years our focus is on coaching teachers and buying schoolmaterial. After these 3 years the level of school should be improved considerably. We have seen this in our model school, the Wallaby Homeschool.

When we started supporting the WHS (2011), the school was based on volunteers coming and going. Raising educational level was impossible, because of changing staff. Within a year after our start already half of the team became regular and paid and we started coaching them. A great start. After year 2 almost all teachers where regular and attended coaching's meetings every 2 weeks. Therefor level of teaching raise a lot.

Due to buying good schoolmaterial in the first years and teaching teachers how to use these materials the level of school kept raising. At first a lot of coaching was needed, but slowly less questions appeared and teachers became more confident and independent.

In the last 2 years of support (year 4 and 5) our focus is on coaching the management in how to raise more money and become self-supportive. For the WHS we started this phase in the end of 2013. By that time the school yearly got €5.500,- through child supporters. By now (middle of 2015) they get €11.500,- through supporters; a raise of 109%! With focus on finding supporters for our school children (€20,- a month per child) the school will very soon be fully self-supportive. Working with child supporters makes it possible to STAY self-supportive. Every month the required money comes in through sponsors and they pay directly to the school.

The amount of supporters who already support for a long time, the rising level of education, the raising teachers' level and the increased amount of students show us the sustainability of our work for our projects like the Wallaby Homeschool.