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Help us!

  • Yes, every child has the right to be educated
  • For €20,- per month a child gets primary education
  • For €20,- per month a complete class receives new textbooks
  • For €40,- per month a child gets secondary education
  • For €50,- per month computers and internet can be provided
  • For €100,- per month a homework guider can be hired
  • For €300,- per month an educated teacher can be permanently employed

We are a nonprofit organization, 95% of all funding will be spend directly in India for the gain of educated children and educational quality. After five years all foundation budget will be divided among the collaborating schools.

Your gift provides children in India a better future!

Support us by means of a one-time contribution or become a monthly contributor. Contribution may be transferred to IBAN NL 29 RABO 0129 0186 51 at the benefit of Foundation School 4 Kids India, Haarlem, The Netherlands. Tax on your donation is fully deductible; we are an ANBI.

Thanks for your contribution!


Buy our beautiful Indian products to support our schools; 100 % silk scarfs, German Silver jewellery with genuine stones/minerals, handmade wooden toys, (patchwork) bags made by mothers of Ganga Learning Centre, necklaces made by widows (mothers) of WSC, … You can also select an very special present to help our schools; sponsor a child, support with school books, sponsor food and clean drinking water for our students, donate a sewing machine to our mothers at the Ganga Learning Centre, ... With every present you'll select you'll make someone here AND there very happy!


Share about our work in schools, companies, at families and friends; help us to get more awareness and support. Need information? Please mail to [email protected].


Companies support School 4 Kids India with material, facilities or funds. A great way to show their social responsibilities. In exchange School 4 Kids India provides PR and presentations for these companies. Wonderful to work together in educating children without any chances. Together we'll give them better future opportunities and break the chain of poverty in which their families have been living for many generations.

Our budget of 2016 gives an overview of expenses we have for our schools:

Financial Overview 2011-2015


As a volunteer you are a substantial part of our organization. Without your help we wouldn't be able to achieve as much as we do right now. We hope you feel welcome in our team. On behalf of S4KI and our Indian school children: Thank you for all your hard work!

How can you help us?

  • Contact your own network: Tell them about us and ask them to like the FB page of School 4 Kids India, to donate a gift, to become a sponsor of us or of a school child (€20,- p/mnth), to hire us for Indian catering (€25,- p/p), to ask if their (child's) school or their own company will support us, for more ideas for fundraising events, ...
  • Visiting schools for promoting our educational project
  • Distributing flyers (in city/@ events)
  • Distributing flyers @ teacher training colleges
  • Building/designing website (Dutch/English)
  • Designing (flyers/logo/promo)
  • Building and organizing campaigns
  • Organizing events/parties
  • Apply for subsidy
  • Send articles for/to magazines/newspapers (article already written in Dutch by us!)


Schools collaborate with School 4 Kids India. We offer presentations for students, teachers and/or parents and a lesson plan. In exchange for using our lesson plan schools organize a sponsor event for us, like a sponsor run. Because of these events we can provide new material to our Indian schools.

For whom

For primary and (first 2) classes of secondary schools.


Yurls page: internet page filled by S4KI with info/links for children about India and some info about S4KI. Go to our website and click on 'Scholen voor Scholen' ('Schools 4 Schools'). You now enter the Yurls page which is the base of our lesson plan. The colours of the boxes represent the colours of the matching lesson cards. The links give information to complete lesson cards. Besides that they give a general view of (education in) India.

Lesson cards: The lesson cards are basically written for group 5-8 but can easily be rewritten for the lowest classes as well. The cards will be send in a Word document, which makes it very easy to make changes. On every card you can find a little general information about the topic of the card, and assignment and the needed material. The colour of the card represents the category and is connected to the same coloured boxes on our Yurls page.

Instruction folder: In the instruction folder you can find lesson information about India, work sheets which are connected to some of the lesson cards and the contents of our lesson bag. Besides that in the first part of the folder many ideas are given to organize a sponsoring event for us. A lot of ideas are given and even information for website and letters to parents are already written to ease the work for schools. The folder will be send as a Word document so changes can be made easily. With the help of our folder a sponsor run can be organized in only 1 hour!

Lesson bag: In the lesson bag you can find interesting things for children about India. Some material is needed to complete lesson cards and some is extra, to give an idea about India or to decorate the class/school. A list of contents of the bag is given in part two of our instruction folder. The lesson bag can be used free of cost for 3 weeks in a row. Damaged, lost or used materials need to be refunded.

'India Kinderkoerier': Newspaper (Kids Courier) for children of group 6 and up about India, children rights, ... Good to use in combination with lesson cards Social Studies (orange) or General Knowledge (red). The newspaper can also be read without using any cards just to give extra information. We order them from the 'Landelijke Werkgroep India'. Schools can also order directly from them. Only stamps need to be refunded; the newspapers themselves are for free.

Schools can contact us when they want folders for decorating their school and if they want to use the India newspaper for class 6 and up. We will send/bring them the required amount.

Besides using our lesson plan schools can also invite us for presentations. They will be held for all classes (if required), for teams and/or parents. The presentations give leveled information about (education in) India, children rights and our work in India. They are a combination of stories and pictures; smartboard/beamer is required. The presentation are an excellent way to start your India project/ charity event.


  • School show they are involved by opening their students eyes and hearts for things happening in the world around them.
  • School can easily organize a charity event with all the information given in the information folder.
  • School can make the most out of supporting our foundation by inviting us for presentations and by using our lesson plan for an India project or by using it in combination with the regular curriculum of the school.
  • Schools get lots of extra (lesson)information about (education in) India, children' rights and School 4 Kids India. The information is especially selected by S4KI for primary and class 1 & 2 of secondary schools. The info is a mixture of clips, music, photos, stories, recipes, art ideas and (lesson)information. No need to search for information; just visit our Yurls page and you'll find everything you need for your lessons.
  • Schools meet educational goals 36, 37 & 38 about active citizenship; they raise social competences and show their students they are a part of and can be involved with a diverse society.