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Good education creates possibilities for children, making it easier for them to find better paid jobs later on in life. English speaking education enhances their job opportunities even more. The foundation also aims to provide children with country-wide recognized school certificates. Furthermore, the foundation focuses on coaching teachers, establishing cooperative inter-school relationships, facilitating of and training in good educational methods, expansion of school buildings and transparency of school cooperation towards the outside world. Foundation School 4 Kids India is a nonprofit organization. Remaining budget will be divided among the participating schools. School 4 Kids India targets to be a self-supportive project. The foundation's activities are focussed on passing on knowledge and skills to the local teachers and school directors.



India is situated in southwest Asia sharing borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan, China and Nepal. India's capital city is Delhi, overall climate is tropical and the official language is Hindi. With over a billion inhabitants India is second, after China, for being the world's most populated country. About one fourth of the population lives in urban areas.

Although India has recently experienced a quick economic development, it will take lots of additional effort for reaching the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. India gives home to one third of the poorest world population and the existing financial means within the country are divided unequally among its population. Weakest groups and individuals within society – woman, casteless people, migration workers and ethnic minorities - are very vulnerable for discrimination and abuse. Although forbidden by law, child labor is still very common in India.


Varanasi, also known as Benares, is a city within the Indian county of Uttar Pradesh. It is a big city with over 3 million inhabitants and it was founded 2700 years ago, which makes it one of the world's oldest cities. The meaning of Rome for the Christians and Mecca for the Muslims is that what Varanasi means for Hindus. It is the religious center for Hinduism as well as Buddhism. The sacred river Ganges running through Varanasi attracts yearly hundred thousands of pilgrims. They get down on one of many Ghats, which are stairs to the Ganges, to take a holy bath in the River. According Hinduism, people dying here will go straight to Nirvana.


We reach our targets by:

  • Teaching application oriented education
  • Testing knowledge level of pupils
  • Coaching teachers and school directors
  • Consultancy of colleague teachers
  • Observations of teacher behavior
  • Functional and personal development meetings
  • Teacher meetings and director involvement
  • Research and acquisition of educational methods
  • Hiring a long-term educated teacher
  • Acquisition of school furniture
  • Acquisition of computers with internet capability
  • Creation of collaboration between schools
  • Exchange of teachers between schools
  • Building of websites
  • Transferring knowledge and skills


Target 1: Raise educational level and level of English

  • Provide schools with high standard school materials

Target 2: Enhance educational and didactic skills

  • Train the team to work with recognized educational methods (didactics)
  • Train project education and planning
  • Train the team in working with children (pedagogy)

Target 3: Offer education to more children

  • Create facilities to educate larger numbers of pupils

Target 4: Create collaboration between schools

  • Structural recurrent meetings of school directors
  • Exchange of teachers between schools
  • Creation of a school cooperation

Target 5: Stimulate towards self-supportiveness

  • Train schools on how to raise funds and provide PR for a bigger platform